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Metric. A “metric” allows a router to choose the best path within a routing protocol. Distance vector routing protocols use “distance”  It is used when a router must choose between routes learned using different routing protocols. Each routing protocol has a default AD value. The route learned  The term routing protocol algorithm refers to the logic and processes used by different routing protocols to solve the problem of learning all routes, 25 Feb 2021 If a routing protocol uses Hop count as its metric, then the path with the For example, RIP has an administrative distance of 120, while OSPF default to Static routing consumes less bandwidth when compared to dynam That is correct, I would just add that the Administrative Distance is locally significant, it is not advertised anywhere, instead a Metric is dependent on the other  This lesson explains what is Administrative Distance. Administrative Distance counts the reliability of a routing protocol.

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Metric #6. Metric #2. O u tc om e. electronics components and necessary material management and storage solutions. – Inspection CO₂e during the year, compared with 500 metric tonnes of CO₂e that measures characteristics of reflected light to identify distance and/or.

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The advertised route with the least metric will be  Most routing protocols have metric structures and algorithms that are not compatible Administrative distance is the feature used by routers to select the best path administrative distance is compared and the preference is given to One route is automatically entered per configured IPv6 interface. Each such route is automatically assigned an administrative distance of "0" and a metric of "1".

Administrative distance vs metric

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Administrative distance vs metric

You can get more details by using the same show ip route command and specifying a single route. Administrative distance is the feature that routers use in order to select the best path when there are two or more different routes to the same destination Administrative distance : This is the value given by vendors to say which protocol is more reliable to use. But every protocol has advantages and disadvantages . Depending upon design we use specific protocol.

Administrative distance vs metric

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Within that routing protocol and specific route (if route specificity and administrative distance are the same), chose the route with the lowest metric. Note that there  8 Jul 2020 This article describes the behavior of administrative distance and config admin- distance Origin IGP metric 10, localpref 99, valid, external 2. Administrative Distance vs. Metric.

Administrative distance Metric Direct connection 0 (not configurable) 1 Static route Default: 1; range: 1 to 255 1 OSPFv3 Default: 110 (external, inter-area, and intra-area) range (for all three): 1 to 255 Variable 2017-06-02 Administrative Distance & Metric 1. Administrative Distance & Metric 2. Administrative distance • A network can use more than one routing protocol, and routers on the network can learn about a route from multiple sources.
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Metric - In the event there are multiple routes learned by the same protocol with same prefix length, the route with the lowest metric is preferred. Administrative Distance vs. Metric A “metric” allows a router to choose the best path within a routing protocol. Distance vector routing protocols use “distance” (usually hop-count) as their metric. Link state protocols utilize some sort of “cost” as their metric. Se hela listan på In this case, 110 represents the administrative distance, and 791 signifies the metric. You can get more details by using the same show ip route command and specifying a single route.


The value is used in routers to rank routes from most preferred (low AD value) to least preferred (high AD value). When multiple paths to the same destination are available in its routing table, the router uses the route with the lowest Administrative Distance. When a single routing protocol learns multiple routes to the same subnet, the metric tells it which route is best. When two different routing protocols learn routes to the same subnet, because each routing protocol’s metric is based on different information, IOS cannot compare the metrics. Administrative Distance and Routing MetricsLecture By: Mr. Shakthi Swaroop, Tutorials Point India Private Limited When you use route redistribution, occasionally you need to modify the administrative distance of a protocol so that it takes precedence.

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